The Mimi Foundation is convinced that cancer must be fought on all fronts, not only on the medical front. The well-being of patients during their treatment plays a decisive role in their struggle to survive, to give them both courage and strength.

The Mimi Foundation has made it its mission to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people affected by cancer, more specifically during the entire period of their chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment.

The physical suffering and emotional stress associated with cancer can be enormous and often originates from the side effects of the treatment.

The Mimi Foundation is available to patients during these difficult times in order to provide both physical and moral support.


• Optimism

Whilst acknowledging the seriousness of the disease, the Foundation, in both its operation and communication aims to implement an approach that is categorically positive and optimistic. ‘Bringing sunshine into the lives of patients' is the therapy offered by the Mimi Foundation.

• Quality

The Mimi Foundation demands of itself the highest standards of quality in all its projects and initiatives. This principle is reflected both in the decoration of care centers and the services offered to patients and in the organisation and presentation of the events and initiatives which are led by the Foundation.

• Solidarity

Together with the help of hospitals the Foundation provides assistance to those who lack the necessary financial resources to face the ordeals encountered on their journey with dignity. That is why the Foundation offers free support to all patients, men and women, whatever their type of cancer.

• Neutrality

The Mimi Foundation does not intervene in the medical treatment of any patient and does not interfere with their choice of therapy.

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