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Myriam Ullens de Schooten

Myriam Ullens de Schooten
Founder and President of the Mimi Foundation

Note of the president

“It is heart breaking to hear that you have cancer. All of a sudden your life and your world are turned upside down. Having an operation is always difficult and exhausting, the treatment afterwards often long and arduous. Everybody experiences the impact of the disease in a different way, but the burden on the patient and his/her immediate environment should never be underestimated.

I have lived through difficult moments. But I was fortunate enough to be entirely surrounded by all those who meant a lot to me. Thanks to a beautiful hair piece and the care of a beautician I was still a fully-fledged woman, despite the impact of the disease that was felt all too clearly.

With the support of a psychologist I could remain strong during my battle. The attention of the nurses and doctors as well as the brightly decorated oncology department made the chemo treatment less daunting. The testimonies of other patients whose symptoms had improved, were to me proof that I actually could win and that I could look towards the future with confidence.

Because of this experience my conviction has grown that cancer must be fought not only on the medical front, but on all fronts. Using this principle I want to ensure that all those who have to face this disease receive support, help and comfort.

The Mimi Foundation has been created so that each man or woman facing cancer can face it more serenely".

Myriam Ullens de Schooten
President of the Mimi Foundation

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